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About us

The company was founded in 2003 as an independent subsidiary of Croatian Railways with all business functions in order to maintain the rolling stock in Croatia.

It operates in 14 locations in the Republic of Croatia in the activities of maintenance of vehicles that are organized in plants and workshops, and 21 locations in the activities of cleaning and care of railway vehicles.

Technical services rolling TSŽV d.o.o. are a company that provides maintenance services of electrical and diesel locomotives, electrical and...


    • Repair , maintenance and cleaning of towing vehicles
    • Machining wheel
    • Repair and repairing rotating machines
    • Interventions additional trains in the event of unfortunate events
    • Machining
    • Production of brake pads

    Contact Us / Ask for More Information: prodaja@tszv.hr

Tehnički servisi željezničkih vozila d.o.o.

Strojarska cesta 13. 10 000 Zagreb

Phone:+385 1 580 81 50

Fax.: +385 1 580 81 95